Scheherazade.2 / John Adams

Musique audio

Adams, John (1735-1826). Compositeur

Edité par Nonesuch Records - 2016

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Sélection : Musique MDV Janvier 2018

Gemme / Nolwenn Leroy | Leroy, Nolwenn

Gemme / Nolwenn Leroy

Musique audio | Leroy, Nolwenn | 2017

Gemme. Bien plus précieux. L'ankou. The lake. Combats pour la paix. Ce que je suis. Trace ton chemin. A dream. Pourtant. Run it down. Stephen.

Navega ! / Moussu T e lei Jovents | Moussu T e lei Jovents. 943. 809

Navega ! / Moussu T e lei Jovents

Musique audio | Moussu T e lei Jovents. 943. 809 | 2016

Cosmopolida. Tretze nuechs ambé misé. La balada d'Henri Diffonty. Liseron. Vaici Marselha. Aquo mi fa mau. Au mitan de la mar. Grues. Qu'es bon. Louise B.. Navega !.

Camouflage / Lara Fabian | Fabian, Lara

Camouflage / Lara Fabian

Musique audio | Fabian, Lara | 2017

Growing wings. Chameleon. If I let you love me. Choose what you love most (Let it kill you). We are the flyers. Painting in the rain. Camouflage. I'm breakable. Keep the animals away. We are the storm. Perfect. Communify.

You're gonna get love / Keren Ann | Keren Ann

You're gonna get love / Keren Ann

Musique audio | Keren Ann | 2016

You're gonna get love. Bring back. The separated twin. Insensible world. Where did you go ?. Easy money. My man is wanted but I ain't gonna turn in. You knew me then. Again and again. The river that swallows all the rivers. You ha...

Pictures of America / Natalie Dessay | Dessay, Natalie. 800

Pictures of America / Natalie Dessay

Musique audio | Dessay, Natalie. 800 | 2016

On a clear day. I feel pretty. I'm a fool to want you. Send in the clowns. Detour ahead. Something's coming. Autour de minuit. I keep going back to Joe's/In my solitude. A place that you want to call home. The two lonely people. T...

Study on falling (The) / Asaf Avidan | Avidan, Asaf

Study on falling (The) / Asaf Avidan

Musique audio | Avidan, Asaf | 2017

To love another. My old pain. Sweet babylon. Good girls are falling apart. A man without a name. Green and blue. The study on falling. Holding on to yesterday. No stone unturned. The golden calf. Twisted olive branch.

Sinfonia pop / Mika | Mika

Sinfonia pop / Mika

Musique audio | Mika | 2016

Overture. Underwater. Boum boum boum. Rain. Last party. Overrated. Any other world. Love you when I'm drunk. Ordinary man. Heroes. Toy boy. Grace Kelly. Over my shoulder. Good guys. Make you happy. Happy ending. Origin of love. Re...

This morning / Clinton Fearon | Fearon, Clinton

This morning / Clinton Fearon

Musique audio | Fearon, Clinton | 2016

Doctor say. This morning. Waiting. No justice. Talk. This train is leaving. Respect. Speak your mind. Don't be affraid. Fooling myself. Turn up the music. Again. Wi a one.

Scheherazade.2 / John Adams | Adams, John (1735-1826). Compositeur

Scheherazade.2 / John Adams

Musique audio | Adams, John (1735-1826). Compositeur | 2016

So what / Dub Inc | Dub Inc

So what / Dub Inc

Musique audio | Dub Inc | 2016

Grand périple. Exil. So what. No matter where you come from. Triste époque. Love is the meaning. Don't be a victim. Maché bécif. Justice. Comme de l'or. Felés. Ragga bizness. Rise up. Erreurs du passé.

Head carrier / Pixies | Pixies

Head carrier / Pixies

Musique audio | Pixies | 2016

Head carrier. Classic masher. Baal's back. Might as well be gone. Oona. Talent. Tenement song. Bel esprit. All I think about now. Um chagga lagga. Plaster of Paris. All the saints.

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